After Late Start, Fall Arrives In North Country

Date: Oct. 10, 2016

WATERTOWN, NY (WWNY) – Welcome back Fall. You’re a little later this year and haven’t quite shown all of your true colors, but you’ve welcomed us with your crisp breeze.

“Yeah, it’s definitely nice outside just really cold. That’s the only downside to it,” said Kristofer Hernandez of Watertown.

You’ve made the bikers bundle up to get on their motorcycles and see your scenery.

“Until you get so many layers on that you can’t reach your handlebars anymore, that’s when you stop,” said Nico Chiappone of Watertown.’

You’ve brought out the leaves fans to the playground with their jackets and hats.

“Because they’re fun to play in and you can jump in them,” said Elijah Leach, who was playing in Thompson Park.

And of course – you’ve brought out the hot drinks to keep us warm.

“I’m not much of a coffee drinker and tea is a nice warm drink to drink on a little walk,” said Ruby Robinson of Carthage.

While the boats were docked in Sackets Harbor and weren’t out on the open water, there was one vessel at the battlefield people were watching.

“Enjoying the park here and the drone flying around,” said Sackets visitor Dave Starkweather.

As summer is gone, Fall, you remind us of the simpler things…

“You gotta enjoy what you got. It keeps you positive,” said Amy and James Fluno of Watertown.

And what’s yet to come..

“It’s almost Thanksgiving!! Then you get to hop around. Then it’s almost Christmas,” said Jack Burkhard of Baldwinsville.

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