ALBUM – This Is Where We Came From (Redux)

Life changes, people change, but you never lose your roots. “This is Where We Came From (Redux)” is a re-release of Atticus Finch’s debut album.
The band consists of 6 life-long friends who knew they owed it all to the music that brought them together. That’s why when they got a chance to re-record their first album from 2010, everyone in the band jumped on the project in a heartbeat.

 Back in 2010, the band was just finishing high school and jumping in the long road of finding their careers. Now, everyone in the band is living in separate places with their new lives.

So this album is a celebration of growing up, dealing with the stress of finding your path, and never forgetting where you’re from and the people who helped you along the journey.

The album finally has the quality and professionalism it deserves, and the band can share its memories with whoever else finds meaning in the stories in the songs.

Album also features:
– Live Tracks from Farewell Show in July 2015
– Remix of band’s original song “Columbus Day”
– One new track, “Mason Dixon Line”
– Tons of Guest Vocals From “Our Friends”

We had fun, it’s been an amazing ride, now we leave you with the songs that make us who we are – From the beautiful harmonies to the complete mess ups.

This is, This is Where We Came From. This is, Atticus Finch.