Commercial Production

– This commercial was produced in Fall 2015 for a small gun shop, Bare Arms located in Little Falls, NY.

I wrote the script, shot, and edited the production. Audio Editing by Mike Tripoli.

Live Music Production

– I have experience with video recording live music productions such as bands and theatrical shows. This particular production was of my band Atticus Finch’s farewell show.

-I produced the production while performing, synced up multiple cameras, and edited the video. Audio Tracking and Mix by Mike Tripoli. Videography by Tyler Head and Sean Maphia.


– My band Atticus Finch released “This Is Where We Came From (Redux) in the Fall 2015. To promote the pieces on YouTube, I built this music player graphic to better engage fans into the band’s music.

– Lyric video for YouTube. Song written by Tommy Fleming, and Michael Ferrucci, and myself. The song was tracked at Tylerland Studios in Rome, NY. Mixed by Tommy Fleming, mastered by Mike Tripoli.

Multi-Camera Interviews

– I have experience using multiple cameras for news photography and editing



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