Eddie Cito: Star Rising

Date: February 20, 2018

WATERTOWN, NY (WWNY) – The odds of making it big in the music industry are close to impossible. It takes a mix of stars aligning, the right place, the right time, and the right song.

The song is where Eddie Cito’s story starts.

7 News reporter Patrick Malowski caught up with Cito as he’s pushing to be the next big star.

If you’ve turned on your radio in the Watertown area, there’s a good chance you’ve heard “Hold On.”

The title is as simple as the message.

“Holding on through the strength, through the struggles, through everything that you can through in life,” Cito said.

The song’s about a lot of things, his battle with drug addiction, his time in the military, the moments tattooed on his body like this date of when his father died in jail.

“Everything kind of collages itself back into the song,” he said.

“Hold On” is now one of the top songs on The Border 106.7 in Watertown. It’s a message and tune that caught the ear of the Border’s Johnny Spezzano, so he started spinning it.

“It was the number one song Shazamed,” Spezzano said. “Everybody wanted to know what it was.”

It was number one at the right time, catching the right ear and a gig opening up for rock star Chris Daughtry.

“I’m not sure what that arena held that day, but that was the biggest show I’ve ever done in my life,” Cito said. “It just gives you a little bit of that accolade and again it just opens you up to so many more people.”

And the fans started lining up to meet him.

“Really big fan of his music,” said concert-goer Kira Grega.

Kenzie Finnegan said “he’s very inspirational.”

Next came a record deal. Eddie’s signed to inPlay Music Group out of Houston, which is run by longtime talent scout Eddie Corral.

He heard “Hold On.”

“We went through the floods down here in Houston and when I really heard the song — it was that ‘Hold On,’ you can make it through anything,” Corral said. “It had a message to it.”

Corral took Cito to the Grammys to meet some of the industries biggest names. But while his dreams are worldwide, he holds the north country close to his heart.

“Without you guys and the support that you guys have given me, none of this stuff would have happened,” Cito said.

“Amazed at how the town of Watertown or the city there was just so behind him,” Corral said. “That’s how things can mushroom, you know, really grow.”

To try and grow his fan base, Cito’s moving to Houston to be closer to his record team.

“You don’t know if you’re going to be that person to do it,” he said. “Like I said, there’s a million people doing everything we’re doing — it’s all about how hard you’re working for it, man, how hard you’re working for it..”

“Fingers crossed for you, Eddie,” Spezzano said.