MTV’s ‘Best New Artist’ Khalid Remembered By Former Teacher

Date: August 29, 2017

CARTHAGE, NY (WWNY) – For one former Carthage student, winning an MTV Video Music Award  was a crowning moment early in his career.

Former Carthage student Khalid Robinson walked onto the stage at the MTV VMA’s Sunday night.

At just 19 years old, Khalid’s on the national stage as this year’s best new artist..

“Oh, no way,” he said as he accepted the award. “This is crazy, this is ridiculous.”

It’s actually not that ridiculous. Khalid’s single called “Location” has over 110 million views on YouTube, which has helped launch his short but extremely successful career.

Just a few years ago Khalid was sitting in the Carthage High School music room singing with the bass and tenor sections.

“‘Location’ song is very very catchy,” said Marvin Zehr, who was Khalid’s choir teacher, “and everybody kind of picks up on that one, knows that one very well.”

Zehr taught Khalid’s when he was at Carthage for a few years. Khalid, who’s family was here for Fort Drum, sang in several groups at the school from 2012 to 2015.

“He could sing tenor or bass so I kind of put him where he could help us out the most,” Zehr said. “Kind of a surprise, and yet kind of cool at the same time, because somebody you were sitting next to in chorus is now up there in the limelight and doing quite well.”

Khalid moved to El Paso, Texas, before his senior year, but left behind a path that shows a dream can become a reality…

“Before I leave, this is the start of something great,” Khalid said Sunday night “I love you guys, peace out.”

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