Patrick Malowski

About Me Section

I’m a content creator with the ability to wear multiple hats at once. My experience in storytelling spans from meeting tight deadlines in journalism, to in-depth campaigns for social media and internal communications.

Photo of Patrick wearing a shirt and tie, looking into a camcorder.

#CONTENTBRIGADE – An episodic program that chronicles life with my band Atticus Finch.

My Music

I’ve self-recorded multiple albums with my band Atticus Finch, as well as used video and social media skills to promote our music.

Patrick sings into microphone while playing guitar.
Atticus Finch and Takers Leavers tour night one at Himmelbergs on May 31, 2019 in San Diego, Calif.. (Photo by Bryan Bennett)

“Pat’s creativity and passion for storytelling is off the charts. You always know the finished product will be of the highest quality.”

– Jeff Nelson, Asst. News Director/Anchor – WWNY 7 News


“Great fun to bounce ideas off of. He will always give more than he gets, and he will never let you down.”

– Scott Atkinson, News Director – WWNY 7 News

“Patrick brings exceptional professionalism and standards to every project he works on and, when working as part of a team, brings out the best in others.”

Tyler Head, Communications Coordinator – Atlanta Motor Speedway


Patrick Malowski

I am a visual storyteller with more than a decade of digital content and multimedia experience.