Jeremy’s Journey

A father’s love for his son leads him to boat across the country with his son’s ashes, raising suicide awareness.

With an in-person interview not possible, this story is told using graphics, video chat and footage collected from other outlets.

I was responsible for every aspect of the story including writing, shooting, editing and graphics.

undefined 2018 Syracuse Press Club “Human Interest” Feature – 1st Place

Multi-Cam Interviews

You can get more out of an interview when you can see it through another lens.

When a group of zinc miners said they were wronged by the company that laid them off, we used multiple cameras to provide the miners an opportunity to speak together.

On this project, I served as a field producer setting up the scene, cameras and lighting. I also was the main videographer and editor of the story. Reporter was Diane Rutherford. Other videographer was Cassie Weed.

Business Features

All in the Family

A series of stories highlighting family-owned businesses operated day-to-day by multiple generations of the families themselves.

I was responsible for booking the interviews, shooting, writing and editing this project as a one-person crew.

undefined 2018 Syracuse Press Club “Human Interest” Feature – 1st Place

Commercial Work

Experience crafting messages for businesses like the family-owned Bare Arms Gun Shop in Little Falls, NY.

I was the producer of this spot, personally working with the client to make sure their needs were met. I also wrote, shot and edited the commercial. Audio tracking by Mike Tripoli. Music by Brandon Malowski.

Field Producing

I was the local boots on the ground for the high profile 2016 murder trial of Oral “Nick” Hillary.

The trial garnered national attention from NBC “Dateline,” ABC “20/20,” Inside Edition, and the New York Times.

I organized interviews, managed logistics and tweeted from the courtroom. I also produced and shot live shots and live opening and closing statements from field. The montage was edited by myself.

Graphic Driven Videos

Some stories and messages are best crafted using graphics as the primary focus.

I edited the video and custom built the graphics. Most of the footage was taken by me. Song written by the band Progress Society.

Patrick Malowski

I am a visual storyteller with more than a decade of digital content and multimedia experience.

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