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Content Brigade – A story about friends in a small band on the road

Content Brigade is a web series that follows my band Atticus Finch through touring and playing music.

The concept of the show is a behind the scenes look at the shenanigans happening as a band goes through the hustle and bustle of prepping for a show and meeting new people in new places.

Atticus Finch is a pop punk rock band with very niche audience. Analytics from Spotify and social media sites show that our audience is predominantly male ages 23 to 34 who are into that style of music.

Content Brigade provides episodic content that allows our audience to follow a narrative showing a side of band members that they don’t get to experience solely through live shows and the music. The web series also shows the challenges a small band faces on the road without the backing of a record company. That can include setting up shows, doing your own sound, etc.

Content Brigade also helps us highlight the music scenes we play in while spotlighting the bands we share the stage with. See the episode from show in Buffalo below.

Patrick sings into microphone while playing guitar.

See more episodes on the Atticus Finch Youtube page

Patrick Malowski

I am a visual storyteller with more than a decade of digital content and multimedia experience.

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